When young people use their voices to stand up for what’s right and engage in activism, it gives us all hope for a better future! There are many young people paving the way, such as 17-year-old Hannah Testa, who created a Plastic Pollution Awareness Day and 12-year-old Genesis Butler, animal and climate change activist. Recently, Faithe Herman, young actress on the hit TV series This is Us, has lent her voice to the animals! She partnered with PETA to create a video about animal dissection.

In the video, Herman says she loves animals and doesn’t want to cut them open. She mentions the different animals often used for dissection: cats, frogs, pigs, and birds, explaining how these animals are killed for such purposes. It’s more horrifying than young students who have to perform such dissections would be made aware of. Fetal pigs are torn from their mothers’ wombs and frogs are taken from the wild.


As Herman says in the video, there are 3D softwares available in this day and age where students can easily learn all they need to know about anatomy and biology that don’t involve killing animals. According to the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), 12 million animals are estimated to be killed for dissection in the United States each year. With so many other alternatives, there is no reason why this should be happening. That’s why Faithe Herman says, “So how about you just say ‘no’ to dissection? Then, hopefully, by the time I’m your age, it won’t even be on the table.”

For more information on animal dissection, please check out Dissection: Cruel or Educational? How This Practice Harms Both Animals and the Planet and How You Can Get Dissection Alternatives Available at Your School.

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