Every year, six to eight million animals enter U.S. shelters, but only three to four million get adopted. Many wonderful volunteers will take the dogs out for walks and maybe have a few minutes of play time, but at the end of the day, the dogs and cats are alone once again with no human to snuggle with. But thanks to the generosity of one woman, the animals at the Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter have a chance to spend the holidays in their forever home, curled up on the sofa with lots of treats and belly rubs.

Kim Pacini-Hauch is paying the donation fees so that every single animal can be adopted in time for the holidays – and it’s working. The morning after the Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter posted a video on their Facebook page along with Kim Pacini-Hauch’s kind offer, there were 250 people waiting in line to adopt their new furry friend. By mid-afternoon, all 20 of the cats had been adopted along with 21 dogs.


“An incredibly generous woman is paying for every animal to be adopted so they can have homes by Christmas!” says the shelter’s Facebook page. “Please help us thank Kim Pacini-Hauch for her tremendous act of kindness.”

Check out the sweet video of Kim and the animals at the shelter here:



The adoption fees range from $65 to $85 and Kim is fully prepared to cover all of the costs until December 31st of this year. Thanks to kind people like Kim, many dogs and cats won’t have the spend the holidays at the shelter and that makes our hearts swell with happiness. If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop. And if you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter, just like Kim did, check out our guide to volunteering.


Lead image source: Front Street Animal Shelter