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A veterinarian from the United States went on a volunteer trip to the Polish border and fell in love with an adorable cat in need.

Source: Greater Good Charities/Youtube

George, the cat, will now embark on his journey to the United States with veterinarian Dr. Julie Ryan Johnson. George is a creme-colored Norwegian Forest cat with piercing blue eyes.

In early April, Dr. Ryan Johnson left her home in California to go to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees and their pets that were fleeing Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. Dr. Ryan Johnson is a board member for Greater Good Charities, who invited her to volunteer in Poland. Greater Good Charities has supported over 20 groups that are helping the people and animals of the war-torn areas.

“Greater Good Charities has been on the ground for weeks with multiple organizations to help provide much-needed emergency relief and services for the people and pets impacted by the Ukraine crisis,” Dr. Ryan Johnson told PEOPLE about the non-profit.

Dr. Ryan Johnson worked with other volunteers at the Ukraine border and helped the animals coming through. Volunteers helped pet owners obtain supplies, medication, and other materials before moving away from the border.

“Some of the dogs and cats had not eaten or had been drinking enough water due to their travels, and many were just plain exhausted. We would get them to eat and rehydrate, bandage sore paws, etc. A lot of what we were doing was helping assure the owners that their pets would be okay,” Dr. Ryan Johnson said.

Some Ukrainian refugees had to make tough decisions and could not bring all of their animals to the final destination. Dr. Ryan Johnson told PEOPLE that a woman lost her home due to Russian shelling and packed up her seven cats, and drove to the Polish border.

“Somehow, her car either ran out of gas or broke down, and they walked the rest of the way.  She could only keep one cat at her destination, so she had to make the heartbreaking decision of deciding which cat to keep,” Dr. Ryan Johnson continued.

The organizations took the other six cats and found loving new homes for them, and George ended up going to Dr. Ryan Johnson. She saw pictures of George and heard of his personality and “immediately blurted out, ‘I’ll take him!'” she said.

George already had a pet passport and made his way back to the US with the doctor. The veterinarian shared that George is becoming more comfortable in his new home and loves being brushed, stretching, and draping himself over inanimate objects.

Dr. Ryan Johnson wants to encourage people to adopt animals if they can and Support the charities that are risking their lives to help these animals amid the war. To learn more about Greater Good Charities and how you can help, check out their website.

The people who are staying or going to Ukraine and the borders are truly heroes and deserve all of the credit! Sign this petition to stand with Ukraine and check out 10 Ways to Help People and Animals in Ukraine!

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