Animal rights organization, Animal Equality, released footage and photos from an undercover investigation that took place during July and August 2019 at Farmers Fresh Wales slaughterhouse in Wrexham, North Wales. What they captured is absolutely heart wrenching, but also sickening is that much of the violence witnessed and recorded was done with a Food Standards Agency inspector present.

Animal Equality saw sheep being put through a conveyor belt, which doesn’t always function as it should, which means that sheep would get painfully stuck mid-air. While hanging, they’d be stunned and decapitated. The sheep can be seen terrified as they are surrounded by the dead bodies of the other sheep and witnessing the brutal deaths. The workers used extreme force to pull the sheep around and the sheer look of terror and panic can be seen in the eyes of the animals.


Warning: the video below contains graphic violence that may be distressing to viewers.

Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality UK, Abigail Penny told One Green Planet: “These defenceless animals are treated like commodities, placed on a conveyor that delivers them to their death. Slaughterhouses are inherently unforgiving places and this systematic neglect – made all the worse by poorly designed equipment – causes even more distress for these terrified lambs and sheep. We demand justice for these vulnerable animals. The Food Standards Agency must take immediate action against Farmers Fresh Wales and their own officer who failed in his duties. If people want to stop supporting the suffering that takes place in slaughterhouses, it has never been easier to choose plant-based options instead of meat.”

Earlier this year, animal rights organization Animal Aid also filmed an undercover investigation at the same slaughterhouse. They demanded that the Welsh government make CCTV compulsory for slaughterhouses in Wales. The results prompted the launch of a criminal investigation by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). However, during the investigation conducted by Animal Equality, an FSA inspector was present.

This proves that the FSA is ignoring such cruelty and mistreatment. They need to take real action! If you agree, sign this petition!


But the best thing you can do knowing how these animals suffer is leave them off your plate. Check out our Vegan Recipe Archives which can help you transition to a plant-based diet and download our Food Monster App!

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