A zoo in Ukraine is being evacuated and sent to the Polish border for safety. The zoo currently houses the only gorilla in Ukraine and they have confirmed that he is being taken care of. The Kyiv Zoo has assured people that the animals are being taken care of and many brave employees are staying behind to protect these animals and help transfer them to safety in Poland.

“Animal care does not stop – zoo workers are on site 24/7,” said the zoo in a Facebook post. “Animals are terrified by the loud sounds of explosions, but our vets are constantly monitoring their condition.”

The workers of a Polish zoo were waiting for the transport of the animals at the border when they were surrounded by Russian tanks. The zoo said in a Facebook post that they lost hope.

“We’ve already lost our hope… yesterday around 18 o’clock we received tragic news that the transport of animals we are waiting for on the Polish border was surrounded by Russian tanks. We spent the night waiting for the news, fearing the worst.”

The workers continued to wait all night and finally got the news they were hoping for.

“Today a miracle happened! Kiev defenders carried out transport through the occupation line. They’re on their way! For their safety, we can’t give further details now. Thank you for your support!”

The Polish zoo shared a picture of lions in a cage waiting at the border in Ukraine. The roads are extremely unsafe as there is constant bombing and firing. The post assured followers that they are all still alive but waiting at the border anxiously.

According to Newsweek, a 40-mile convoy of Russian troops is heading toward Kyiv. Many animal shelters and zoos are having trouble getting the supplies and food the animals need due to the intensive fighting throughout the country.

Zoo Poznań is helping to evacuate as many animals from Ukraine as possible. The zoo said once they evacuate the animals from Kyiv, they will begin to help other zoos in the country.

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