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In the past, we’ve shared information on Beulah the captive elephant who was suffering at R.W. Commerford & Sons, a traveling zoo with a terrible history of mistreating their animals. We shared a petition and urged for her freedom, as well as Karen’s, the other elephant they held captive. The zoo has been investigated by the USDA and cited for not providing adequate medical care to the animals. They also used a bullhook to abuse Beulah and other animals.Beulah the elephant being mistreated

Source: Demand That Beulah The Elephant Be Sent To A Sanctuary/Care2

Attorney Steven Wise of the Nonhuman Rights Project said, “It is with deep sorrow and outrage that we have learned our elephant client Beulah has died after collapsing multiple times at the Big E fair in West Springfield. Because of businesses like the Commerford Zoo and the Big E, she never had a chance to live. Under threat of a bullhook, the Commerford Zoo stole from Beulah her freedom and anything resembling a natural existence for an elephant.”

After her death, it was revealed that Karen also died earlier this year in March. Wise argues that they were worked to death.

Elephants simply do not belong in captivity and they especially should not be forced to work for the profit and entertainment of humans. They should be in the wild with their herd where they can roam and socialize. In captivity, they do not get the adequate exercise, socialization, family relationships, or get to enjoy their natural instincts and behaviors. They also suffer from physical health issues and mental health problems like depression, and they develop zoochosis.

The deaths of Beulah and Karen only ignite the fight to free captive elephants. The Nonhuman Rights Project says they will continue to fight for the rights of animals!

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