We all probably know someone who has a great bond with their companion animal, maybe that person is even you! When it comes to children and their childhood pets, the bond somehow becomes that much more meaningful. Perhaps it’s the innocence we see between child and animal, or the joy that they so easily capture.

In one such case of adorable animal-child friendships, Japanese photo-blogger and mom, Aya Sakai has been capturing the most heart-warming moments between the family’s French bulldog, Muu, and his best friend Tasuku, Sakai’s son.


According to an article by CBS news from May 2013, Muu and Tasuku are inseperable: “Now, when Tasuku starts to nod off at naptime, the pair have a set routine — tot and dog snuggle up together on the couch, or cozily sink into Muu’s round bed, swathed in old blankets.”

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments with Tasuku and Muu below, and be sure to follow their Instagram account ayasakai, to see all of their adventures.

“Hello world! We’re Tasuku and Muu.”

“This bed is just big enough for the both of us.”


“The couch works for us too, no matter what, nap time is together time.”

“Pancakes to start the day together makes everything great.”


Muu even helps Tasuku learn how to ride a bike! Smiles all around!

Muu and Tasuku celebrate Tasuku’s birthday! Three years old, and with the best friend in the world!


Welcoming Setsu into the family!

Tasuku, Setsu, and Muu – the cutest trio!