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It’s horrible to hear about animal abuse cases or read the ways humans are endangering many species. Fortunately, there are things we can do to speak for them. One of the ways we can help and lend our voices to good causes is by signing petitions. Such petitions are sent to people in powerful positions that can make a change, especially when they see just how many people stand behind the cause. We can demand change, justice, and stop tragedies by speaking up and doing our part.

There are horrifying things happening around the world every week like extinction, hunting, exploitation, and cruelty. If you are looking for a way to help animals, here are 10 petitions you should sign this week, including ending the recommendation of dog and cat meat as a cure for COVID-19, ending the cruel transport of calves, and save endangered animals from extinction.

We want to thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world and giving a voice to the voiceless.

1. End Animal Testing to Effectively Tackle COVID-19

monkey in cage

Source: Cut Animal Tests to Tackle COVID-19!

In order to tackle COVID-19 for good, scientists are working to find a cure, medicine, or vaccine. However, these finding types of solutions often sadly involve animal testing. However, the coronavirus pandemic brought to light the issues in humans’ treatment of animals. It’s also well known that animal research data doesn’t necessarily apply to humans. The results are often inconclusive. Therefore, testing possible solutions on animals isn’t efficient. There are already possible medications for coronavirus being tested on mice. Sign this petition to join ADI in calling for “advanced, human-relevant, scientific methods to be prioritized, and any regulatory requirements for animal research lifted, so that safe and effective vaccines and treatments can be progressed more quickly.”

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2. Protect Horses Used in Horse Racing During Temporary Shutdowns in Australia

race horse

Source: A “Silent Animal Welfare Tsunami” Could Be Coming for Australia’s Horses!

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to its knees and shutting businesses and sports down, there’s a real and valid concern for the lives and health of horses used in horse racing. Australia’s island state of Tasmania banned horse racing during the pandemic, but what will happen to the horses? The rest of the country is expected to follow suit. But with the death-filled track record of horse racing in Australia, there’s no way to know what will happen to the horses forced into temporary retirement. It’s well known by now that retired horses are slaughtered. Will the horses be cared for and kept alive? Sign this petition demanding that Racing Australia, the leading horse racing industry authority in Australia, ensure that all horses forced into temporary retirement due to the racing ban be protected, cared for, and kept alive!

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3. Save the Greater Glider from Extinction

Greater glider

Source: The Adorable Greater Glider Is on the Verge of Disappearing

The greater glider is a federally threatened species in Australia. Scientists and conservations recently discovered that the Strathbogie forest in north-east Victoria has one of the highest concentrations of greater gliders left in all of Australia. Yet despite this, the Victorian forest agency, — VicForests — is going ahead with a logging campaign that threatens to topple the greater gliders’ last stronghold. Victoria’s own state government has advised against the logging in the area since the species is “in a demonstrable rate of decline which is likely to result in extinction.” But still, the logging persists. Sign this petition and ask Victoria’s minister for energy, environment and Climate change to stop the logging and protect the greater glider.

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4. End Cruel, Deadly Transport of Calves After Release of Horrific Footage


Source: These Calves, Only Weeks Old and Ripped Away From Their Mothers, Were Horrifically Abused

Male calves are useless to the dairy industry, and are therefore often shipped to other countries to be reared for slaughter to become “veal.” Recently released footage, taken and later published by animal welfare organizations Eyes on AnimalsL214, and Ethical Farming Ireland, showed that the calves’ journey is almost as bad as their deadly destination. The babies are ripped from their mothers at just weeks old and beaten with sticks and kicked. Shipping baby animals across long distances for slaughter is bad enough. Abusing and torturing them along the way is unforgivably cruel. Sign this petition asking the EU to ban all veal transports!

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5. Justice for Dogs Beaten so Badly They Threw Up

animal abuser

Source: Punish Abuser Who Beat His Dogs So Bad They Threw Up

A man named Bryan Ellis was seen by witnesses cruelly abusing his dogs. He picked them up and threw them hard onto the ground. He then dragged them down the road. Both dogs were badly injured and one of them was vomiting when he was taken into safety. Sign this petition to demand justice for those dogs. Animal abusers need to be punished for their crimes and never again allowed to own animals.

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6. Justice for Cow Trapped in Mud Cruelly Left to Die

cow trapped in mud

Source: Justice For River

In early April, a cow was found stuck in the mud along the bank of a river. The owner of the cow was notified repeatedly but she wouldn’t do anything to save the cow. The freedom of the cow was finally negotiated when a sheriff couldn’t bring himself to shoot her. Rescuers used shovels, wood, straps and their hands to free her from the mud. But her body was too weak after being trapped in the mud for so long that she had to be put down. Sign this petition to demand that her owner be charged with animal cruelty!

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7. Stop the Spread of the Misinformation that Dog and Cat Meat Can Cure COVID-19

dogs in cage

Source: Stop Telling People Dog And Cat Meat Are Cures For COVID-19!

An investigation found that dog and cat meat sales have increased during the coronavirus outbreak because “people believe it has “warming” properties that head off flu viruses.” There is no evidence of the meat having any medicinal benefits, but even doctors in Cambodia and Vietnam are recommending the meat to patients. Sign this petition asking Anutin Charnvirakul, Thai Minister of Health, and Mam Bunheng, Cambodian Minister of Health, to issue public statements informing the public of the truth about eating dog and cat meat.

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8. Make it Illegal for Children to Participate in Trophy Hunting

child trophy hunter

Source: Stop Grooming Children To Become Bloodthirsty Trophy Hunters

Parents pay for children as young as four years old to slaughter exotic animals in Africa. “Family friendly” campaigns aim to encourage the next generations of trophy hunters. But children should not be taught to disrespect wildlife or believe animals are just trophies. These kids are being taught that animals’ lives are theirs to take and then they grow up to continue killing animals. Sign this petition to ask Malik Hussein, Chairperson of the Committee on Rural Economy Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment for the Pan African Parliament, to introduce a motion to make it illegal for minors to engage in trophy hunting!

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9. Save the Darwin’s Fox from Extinction

Darwin's fox

Source: Save the Darwin’s Fox

Darwin’s fox is a small critically endangered canine species from Chile. Today there are only 250 individuals of this species on Chiloé Island and up to 70 on the mainland. According to the IUCN Red List, there is no action recovery plan for them nor are there any Conservation sites for them. Sign this petition to demand action to protect them from extinction!

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10. German Zoo Might Slaughter Some Animals to Feed the Others

polar bear

Source: This Zoo Said It Will Feed Some of Their Animals to Others If It Has To

The Neumünster Zoo has over 700 animals and over 100 species. Since the national lockdown which began on March 15th, they have been surviving based on donations alone. The zoo director said: “If — and this is really the worst, worst case of all — if I no longer have any money to buy feed, or if it should happen that my feed supplier is no longer able to supply due to new restrictions, then I would slaughter animals to feed other animals.” Sign this petition to demand the zoo not implement this horrifying plan to feed their animals to each other!

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