If you saw a needy animal on the street, what would you do? Would you stop to help or would you walk on by? Desislava Stoyanova is one of those preciously rare people who cannot walk past a suffering animal without stopping to help. Even when she can’t afford to pay for veterinary bills, which is often, she never leaves behind an animal in need. And she’s been doing this for nearly twenty years; taking animals off the streets of Bulgaria, bringing them home, and giving them the love and care they need. While she doesn’t run or work for an official animal shelter, she uses her ”Save Me” Facebook page to post animal rescue stories and ask for help. One of the most recent stories she shared is Maya’s.

 An Easter to Remember

On April 30th, the day before Easter Sunday in Bulgaria, Desislava was on her way to the pharmacy when she saw a small figure roaming around aimlessly in the distance. As she got closer, she saw it was a puppy, no older than four months, with wounds all over her back and bottom and eyes full of hope that someone had finally came to be her savior.





She also looked like she hadn’t eaten for days, her body was so thin and frail. Being the kind-hearted soul that she is, Stoyanova went straight home to fetch her dog cage and rushed the puppy, who she named Maya, to the veterinary clinic.


At the clinic, the vet ran some tests and seeing how exhausted and dehydrated the poor puppy was, hooked her up to an IV right away, so that she could gain strength. The vet suspected that the wounds and marks around her rear area were caused by human abuse or dog bites, so they cleaned them up and treated them accordingly. They also discovered she had a condition called Giardia, an intestinal infection caused by parasites, for which they prescribed antibiotics. Because she was underweight, Maya was also given special food and vitamins to help her gain weight and strength.

Within a couple of days, Maya was calmer, happier and her appetite was endless. Desislava bought her a new pink leash and took her out for a walk and a play, which Maya loved. Much to her relief, things were looking good.



What wasn’t looking good, however, was the growing veterinary bill. Maya needed a lot of treatment and it wasn’t long before the bill was adding up. Desperately in need of financial support, Stoyanova posted Maya’s story on her ”Save Me” Facebook page, asking her 1,416 followers for donations. Luckily, a few kind people were happy to help and generously sent donations which helped pay for most of Maya’s treatment.



The Rebirth of Maya

After several days of treatment, Desislava could finally take Maya home. She loved all the open space she had and started marking her territory as soon as she arrived. Clearly, this was HER home. According to Desislava, Maya is a sweet, playful and happy puppy. Her wounds are gradually fading and she’s already gaining weight. Above all, she’s getting all the love she deserves and that is bringing her a great deal of happiness. Now all she needs is a permanent home. She’s just about ready to be adopted out and Desislava is only prepared to find the best adopters out there for her precious Maya.



Will You Help Others Like Maya?

Every single day, Desislava  finds abused and suffering animals on the streets in her town. Some are abandoned, some are abused and some are born homeless. Either way, they all deserve a life of love and happiness. If it wasn’t for people like her, the streets would be full of suffering animals. That’s why we need to support her work all we can. She desperately needs donations all the time because like we say, she’s dealing with cases every day which require food, travel expenses, and veterinary care. She can’t do it without you. So please, if you’d like to help save more animals like Maya, send a donation to Desislava Stoyanova through her page.