Kenya’s drought has had a devastating impact on the wildlife population. A photograph of six dead giraffes recently caught global attention.

The six dead giraffes lying in the Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in Wajir have touched the hearts of many. The photo perfectly captures the devastation that the drought is causing wildlife.

Reports say that the giraffes got stuck in an area of mud as they sought water in the area. Too weak to struggle from hunger and thirst, the giraffes died together in the same spot.

The Kenya drought has also had devastating consequences for local communities in Kenya. People are going hungry as resources are scarce, and there is very little help to find for anyone in need.

This is yet another serious instance of weather that we have seen between 2020 and 2021. The occurrences of flooding, tornadoes, droughts, and wildfires have become more and more frequent. Sadly, we can only expect to see more situations like this in the future unless drastic changes are made in how we treat the planet. 

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