In overcrowded pet shelters, getting out to start a new life has a lot to do with chance when it comes to needy animals. Thanks to the rise of social media, however, it’s easier than ever for shelters to spread the word about adoptable pets – and people who fall in love with a video or photo of a pet are liable to do whatever they can to help. Often, these situations prove to be real stories of love at first sight.

This is exactly what has recently happened at the Front Street Animal Shelter – and what led to the adoption of Joyce, the lovely dog in the video. Joyce’s new family drove 16 hours from Canada all the way to California to adopt her!

This sweet pup spent almost two months at the shelter, constantly watching people stop at her cage but ultimately pass her by to give a home to another dog.

When her new family learned that the shelter was completely full, they decided to do something wonderful – drive all the way from British Columbia, Canada to Sacramento to save the life of one of the animals there. Joyce turned out to be a perfect choice for them and so she now finally has her own loving family and a safe forever home – and she welcomes it all with a huge smile on her face!

To learn more about the Front Street Animal Shelter, click here.

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