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Source: USA TODAY/Youtube

A Georgia homeowner’s doorbell camera recently captured a rare sighting: a herd of dairy cows roaming through the neighborhood overnight. The cows made their way to the neighborhood after traveling nearly 2 miles from a dairy farm, news outlets reported.

The footage shows dozens of these cows destroying landscaping and having a feast of grass and bushes from neighbors’ yards. One cow can even be seen licking the doorbell capturing this strange behavior.

“There are deep holes from the cows walking in the grass, along with some lovely cow pies, but overall fixable damage,” homeowner Alisha told WSB-TV. Julianna Olson, another resident of the neighborhood originally assumed the damage had been the result of vandalization. When she saw the footage she had a laugh. “The cows were nice enough to make sure we had fertilizer left behind to make up for it.” “Everyone needs a good laugh these days, and the cows gave it to us,” Olson told WSB-TV.

Cows are sentient, intelligent, and emotional beings that experience pain and fear just like humans do. The sad life of a calf in the dairy industry is vastly different from that of a cow who is allowed to experience life as nature intended. The average lifespan of a dairy cow is five years. During those five years of life, the cow is impregnated every year with only a few short months of rest in between. These innocent animals are forced into cramped and unsanitary conditions and physically abused before they are slaughtered. By choosing not to Support the dairy industry, you can help put an end to this cruel reality.

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