Rescue elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee get to experience specialty foot care to help them recover after years of neglect. Many of their elephants were rescued from performances and exhibitions and are receiving proper and adequate care for their very first time.

The elephants at the sanctuary were rescued after spending years being forced to perform in circuses or stand around in small enclosures in zoos. Elephants are complex animals with very specific needs, most of which go overlooked in the entertainment industry.

Thankfully, rescuers at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee are dedicated to providing individualized care to their elephants, going the extra mile to ensure they’re as healthy and happy as possible.

As they shared in a video on YouTube, “Foot care is a critical element of elephant husbandry…Caregivers go through extensive training to learn about elephant foot anatomy.”

Each elephant at the sanctuary has its feet checked multiple times per week and gets to enjoy weekly foot scrubs.

The rescue wrote in the video, “Elephants who have spent their lives in captivity need frequent foot care to stay healthy and enjoy exploring. Sanctuary elephants’ large, shock-absorbing foot pads are checked for debris and scrubbed often by Care Staff, making pachyderm pedicures not a splurge, but a vital element of elephant health care at The Sanctuary!”

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