Sometimes cats can be super nice to their dog counterparts. We’ve seen videos of them giving back massages, cuddling, and even adopting dogs as their own. Cats can also be jerks, though. This cat decided he wasn’t in the mood for niceties today. His French Bulldog sibling’s bed is far too cozy to pass up, and far too nice to give back.

Just when this cat is finally settling down for a wonderful nap, his little sibling shows up. This puppy wants his bed back, and he wants it now. He may have asked nicely in the beginning, but nothing is going to get this cat out of the bed. The pup pulls the bed around, hoping to disturb his aloof older brother, but to no avail. Finally, the French Bulldog does what anyone in his situation would do … he begs. But, this cat is snuggled up and definitely won’t be switching spots anytime soon. Sorry little pup, cats win again!


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