Meet the police dogs and their handlers that are stopping crime and helping to prevent suicide.

Calli the german shepherd, and Megan West won the Lifesaver Honor at the Thin Blue Paws Awards for responding to a suicide call. Calli was able to find and stop the man before it was too late.

Police dog, Stark, and handler, Paul Hopley, won the Outstanding Bravery award after responding to an attempted break-in. Stark was attacked with a machete and sustained serious injuries. However, he still managed to drag the suspect out of the house where his handler could subdue him.

Nala, a German shepherd, received an award for discovering two injured suspects with her handler. A labrador named Elvis also was awarded for sniffing out knives in London and identifying county line victims. 

Special recognition was given to PC Darren Sewell, an officer that had worked as a dog handler and trainer for 22 years. He currently cares for two retired police dogs, while battling stage four lymphoma.

The Thin Blue Paw Foundation co-founder Kieran Stanbridge said, “As a charity, we want to support these dogs to live long and happy lives when they retire. But we also want to acknowledge, recognize and celebrate the dogs, police dog handlers, and duos who have made a real difference in their communities.”

The Thin Blue Paw Awards are designed to award dogs and their handlers for bravery and a job well done. It brings awareness to the importance of these dogs and the role that they play behind the scenes.

Sign this petition to tell lawmakers to ban the use of attack dogs on police forces.

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