When Marley was still a baby, she fell off of a factory farm truck and was taken to a local animal shelter. While falling off a truck is obviously very traumatizing and scary, it was the best thing that could have happened to the sweet piglet. Even though they didn’t have room at their animal sanctuary, Sisu Refuge Sanctuary, Erika and Joseph knew they couldn’t leave Marley at the shelter. They took her into their home and started helping Marley recover.

Marley turned out to be quite the diva. She was very picky about what she would drink and what temperature it needed to be. Soon, she began to gain strength and start playing with her baby goat friends too! Once Marley was strong enough, Erika and Joseph made arrangements for her to go to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Florida. However, Marley wouldn’t be going alone.

Eli was born at a dairy farm and because he was a male, he was useless to them. Thus, they allowed Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary to take him in. Jason from Destination Liberation picked up Eli, who was so shaken up that he wouldn’t even drink. Soon, Marley joined the ride, and the two orphans finally got to meet.

Marley and Eli were taken from their mothers at such a young age and needed some companionship, which is exactly what they found in each other. When they arrived at the sanctuary, they could finally run free! Although they both became friends with so many animals of different species and their own, Marley and Eli are still closely bonded. The love that they share for each other is undeniable.

If you’d like to help these sancutaries help more animals like Marley and Eli, you can donate to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary here and Sisu Refuge Sanctuary here.

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