Ahh, pets — what would our lives be like without them? As animal lovers, sometimes it feels like we’re kind of obsessed with our animal companions. We love to flood our Instagrams (and Facebook feeds) with photos and videos of our animals doing anything from straight-up viral material to the most mundane tasks like lounging around. But, our furry and feathered friends are so much more to us than just mind-numbingly adorable content for social media. Some of us swear by our cat’s ability to wake us up so much that we may as well forget about setting an alarm of any kind because when Mr. Fuzzyface is hungry (which seems to be every few hours), he’ll make sure we know. Without our dogs, we might actually have to clean up the food we drop on the floor — or, if that food happens to be toxic to canines, it’s a test of our agility versus theirs.

Other times, our pets can slow us down, but not in a bad way. Anyone who’s lived with a cat can probably attest to the sheer lack of will to get up, lest we disturb the sleeping, purring kitty in our laps. We might think that a minute is way too much time for our dog to be sniffing one tree in particular but hey, whatever keeps their tail wagging. Or, what about when you have to leave the house, but you just physically cannot because your pet is being too darn adorable? Just look at the pup in the photo below, posted by Imgur user Istamemoonmoon.


According to this cute dog’s human, “The reason I was late to work this morning.” We feel that.




Apparently, the unnamed pooch was sick and preferred that her guardian stayed with her to cuddle instead of going to work. Her eyes are definitely pleading “don’t go, hoo-man!” Doesn’t it just pull at your heartstrings in the same way as your dog staring out the window every time you leave for work? It’s a universal pet parent experience.


Pets are wonderful and if you’re considering welcoming one into your life, please always adopt and never shop. Six to eight million cats and dogs enter United States shelters each year and by adopting, not only do you save the life of your new pal, you also make room in the shelter for another homeless pet.

Image source: Istamemoonmoon/Imgur