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Experimenting on animals is extremely unnecessary and causes immense suffering to the animals involved. These poor animals are kept in tiny, barren cages and subject to painful tests for their entire lives. There is strong opposition to animal testing both from an ethical standpoint as well as because the results often can’t even be applied to humans. However, the practice is still common today.

Recently, PETA released footage from one of their investigators who was undercover in a lab at University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW-Madison). What they witnessed is incredibly disturbing. One of the experiments involved dragging monkeys out of metal cages by their necks, locking them into restraint chairs, and electrically shocking their genitals until they ejaculated. One monkey died after he was left in his cage that was then put through the extremely hot cage-cleaning machine. Other monkeys lost parts of their fingers or toes while trying to escape. Some monkeys started self-mutilating and pulling out their hair. One monkey called “r12050” even opened a wound on his leg and scratched into it until the hole was all the way down to his muscle. The list of these horrors goes on.

In addition to these terrible experiments and impacts, the monkeys also have to deal with the cruelty that comes along with living in any lab, such as being taken from their mothers and locked in tiny, barren cages, as well as undergoing surgery without proper anesthesia.


Source: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Monkeys are highly intelligent, emotionally developed, and social creatures. They should never be treated like this, nor should any living being. There are still approximately 2,000 monkeys trapped in this research facility’s premises. Sign this petition to tell the leaders of the University of Wisconsin — Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Vice-Chancellor Steve Ackerman — that we will not stand this cruelty any longer! They must close this primate lab immediately!

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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