Wild animal acts in circuses have come under fire lately, and for good reason. The animals forced to entertain in these acts live of life of fear, illness, and imprisonment. Cities and states across the globe have already taken steps to end the practice, but no matter how many victories lawmakers and activists might win for these animals, for many forced to serve in circuses, the damage has already been done.

Take Suman, a six year old elephant who has never had the chance to live in her natural habitat. Suman was born into captivity at the Moonlight Circus. The treatment of animals was so horrific, Moonlight was banned from using animals during its performances. Things seemed to be looking up for Suman, until she was sent to be on a Television show owned by the Khan family, who have a reputation for treating animals poorly.


Now 6 years old, Suman’s life has been a difficult one. According to animal rights activists, the Khan family plans to train little Suman to let tourists ride around on her back. The training process, known as “phajaan,” translates to “the crush” due to the way the trainers beat and batter the elephants into submission.

This is no way to live, especially for an elephant who is still very young. But there’s something you can do to help. Suman should know that not all humans are meant to be feared.

Please sign this petition, which asks Jaipur officials to intervene in Suman’s case. It will only take a moment, and do this elephant a world of good.

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