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Wild animals belong in the wild. Forcing them to live in captivity is exploitative, not entertaining or educational. Zoos are one of the worst places for a wild animal to live. Wild animals are separated from their mothers as babies and both their mental and physical health deteriorate when being held captive. They exhibit strange behaviors like pacing, self-mutilation, they attack the humans exploiting them, and they even hurt each other.

Clearly, wild animals don’t belong there, but if a zoo is to close down, there should be preparations made for the animals to live out their lives in peace. Unfortunately this was not the case at Parque Zoologico Prudencio Navarro in Spain that recently closed down. Animal activists had long been speaking against this zoo, and they finally closed down. Unfortunately, they didn’t even bother pretending to have ever cared about the animals they were holding captive. They flat-out abandoned the animals without a care.

There are bears, tigers, baboons, and other animals all alone in their cages with no one to feed them or care for them. The animals are living in their own filth, surrounded by their feces and urine. Their water moats are so dirty, they are at risk of catching diseases. Spokesman Pedro Terrados of The Great Ape Project is concerned because there are no veterinarians caring for the animals that can say exactly what food or vitamins they need. He also says they are very depressed and not doing well psychologically at all.

These animals need immediate assistance. They should be sent to wild animal sanctuaries where they can be properly cared for. To speak up for them, sign this petition telling Spain’s Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) to rescue the animals and find them sanctuaries right away!

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