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Electric shock training collars can shock cats and dogs with 6,000 volts for up to 11 seconds at a time. These contraptions are truly cruel and are a poor substitute for good dog training. As this petition states, “For most dogs, positive reinforcement like treats and kind words actually works just as well, if not better. All dog training requires consistency, but none requires consistent physical abuse.”

Wales banned these cruel devices in 2010 and the UK government promised to ban them in England in Scotland in 2018, but they are still being sold.

The devices have been found for sale on eBay and other sites that sell specialist dog products.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has compared the shock collars to using a cane on a child, but the promise to ban them has remained just a promise. Rita James, of campaign group CAGED Nationwide, told Mirror: “We would like to urge the PM, as a fellow dog lover, to prioritise this issue and bring new legislation to outlaw electric shock collars. We believe the collars to be barbaric, and have deep concerns for the long-term effects on the dogs that wear them, as this method could instil fear, terror and aggression.”

Sign this petition demanding a real, permanent ban on shock collars!

Sign these other petitions too if you’re passionate about protecting animals from cruelty:

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