It’s shocking to think about how many forms of “entertainment” still involved animal cruelty. From bullfights to trophy hunts to horse carriage rides to circuses, these spectacles are nothing but animal cruelty and abuse. No animal should have to suffer for human entertainment and the fact these events still take place in many places around the world is despicable.

Greyhound racing is one of the cruel forms of entertainment that revolves around the exploitation of animals. These poor dogs are bred for racing, and if they aren’t fast enough, they are culled or sold without care for what happens next. Those who are deemed “fit” enough to race are raced to death, only living a small fraction of their natural lives. While the average lifespan is around twelve years, racing greyhounds are sometimes killed as young as two years old. Many are euthanized because humans would rather get a new dog than spend money at the vet to heal a dog’s injury or illness. Even those that survive to retirement at around four years old are traumatized and deemed “unfit” for rehoming and thus, are also euthanized.

When they are not training or racing, greyhounds are kept muzzled in cramped cages with multiple other dogs for 20-23 hours a day. Before races, many are given drugs such as cocaine, novocaine, oxycodone, lidocaine, and even meth.

In 2020, the pandemic caused many greyhound races to be canceled. Even though they were down almost 33%, more than 400 greyhounds still died or were euthanized, according to The Guardian. While this number is less than the 710 in 2019 and ~1,000 in 2018, 400 is still a huge number – especially considering the number of races dropped by a third. No more dogs should be bred to die for human entertainment. Greyhound racing needs to end.

Sign this petition to demand that the UK government ban the cruel and antiquated sport of greyhound racing!

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