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In New York schools, children are taught about life by watching chick and ducklings hatch. Kids grow the eggs in incubators and watch them hatch. Ideally, these eggs would be where they belong, in the warmth of their mothers, but the idea behind the projects is meant to be innocent and educational for children. Yet, it turns into a case of animal cruelty given what happens to the chicks and ducklings after they hatch.

These animals grow and then cannot be kept in a classroom. That’s when they are sadly just abandoned. They are being dumped by the hundreds in New York City parks. Anthrozoologist John Di Leonardo told MSN: “These aren’t wild animals. [The ducks] don’t know how to survive. The ducks can’t fly, they never migrate.” Because they hatched in incubators, they aren’t with their mothers or other ducks that they can follow or who can teach them how to survive.

The New York City Department of Education also told MSN that these hatching projects are part of the science core curriculum, but ultimately the teachers decide if they will do it in their classrooms. A spokesperson said, “We want our students to have enriching, hands-on lessons that get them excited about learning and are safe for everyone involved, including any classroom animals or pets. We’ll review the legislation.”

The methods currently taking place are definitely not safe for the animals. The curriculum needs to change. If you agree, sign this petition which asks that New York State pass legislation to stop this animal cruelty.

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