In March, a man was seen driving down the highway with an unusual load in the bed of his truck. There stood a vulnerable horse in the back of a pickup truck as the driver accelerated to speeds of 70 mph on US-59 in Texas.

ABC reported that police pulled the driver over and gave him a citation for a defective tail lamp. Police also reportedly explained the safety concerns to the driver, and arranged outside assistance for the horse to be properly transported.


According to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Texas, transportation in a cruel manner is included in the animal cruelty laws under the Texas Penal Code.

Still, there seems to be uncertainty with law enforcement on whether or not to charge the driver with animal cruelty. A case was made for review that would assess if and what type of a penalty is necessary.

Horses are beautiful and loving animals, but unfortunately are often exploited and classified as livestock commodities. The horse was loosely fastened in the man’s truck, which was potentially life threatening for not only the horse, but the lives of others on the road as well. Luckily the horse is safe and healthy, but citizens are not ready to accept the risk this man took with the horse’s life.

If you believe this deserves to be considered an act of animal cruelty, please sign this petition to ask the Polk County District Attorney’s Office to understand and consider your point of view. It is vital to the safety of animals as well as others that a situation like this does not happen again, especially without consequence.


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