PETA members are plastering frog posters all over Oklahoma City in an attempt to make students and parents more aware of the cruelty behind frog dissections.

Dissecting animals is still a very common practice in schools and results in millions of unnecessary frog deaths.

Oklahoma City has a policy that allows students and parents to opt for more humane teaching tools if they so choose. PETA is trying to bring awareness to this policy so that students know that they have a kinder option.

PETA Senior Director of Youth Programs Marta Holmberg said, “Frogs are sensitive, family-oriented individuals, and they don’t deserve to be taken from their homes and cut up in classrooms. PETA is asking schools to do right by frogs and their students, many of whom are traumatized by this exercise, and embrace modern and humane, non-animal dissection.”

PETA is calling on schools to ditch frog dissection altogether as it kills an estimated 3 million frogs every year. This is completely senseless as there are many ethical ways of studying anatomy without harming sentient beings. These modern options have also been proven to be much more effective at teaching students.

The act of dissecting an animal can have mental consequences for children as well. It can teach children a lack of respect for animals. Furthermore, children are going vegan even younger these days, making this school activity deeply disturbing to those who care for animals.

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