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PETA has asked Vice President Harris to lead by example and step up to the plate in order to save the planet from Climate change.

Veganuary is fast approaching and Harris recently announced the new framework for the nation’s space policy that prioritizes the climate. Now, Harris, who reportedly tries to eat vegan before 6 p.m. has received a helpful nudge by PETA to take part in a three-week 100% vegan challenge with their assistance.

If she completes the challenge, PETA will send her and her staff a copy of its free vegan starter kit filled with recipes, tips, and more. 

The Animal rights organization wants the Vice President to lead by example as animal agriculture is one of the biggest culprits in Climate change, creating more than a fifth of the human-induced greenhouse gasses.

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said, “The United Nations agrees with PETA that there’s no such thing as a meat- and dairy-eating environmentalist, so it only makes sense for Vice President Harris to lead by example and go all-in on animal-free eating. We hope she’ll do right by animals and the planet and switch to delicious vegan meals full-time.”

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