After having adopted two rescue dogs of her own, actress Olivia Munn is encouraging people to take the mental health of their pets seriously in a new partnership with Petco.

This campaign comes at an especially important time. Pet owners are starting to return to work after lockdown, often resulting in separation anxiety for pets that have gotten used to their guardians being around.

Munn said, “As we’re all getting back to our regular lives and our routines are changing, we’re going to be leaving the home again. And so, there is a lot of social and separation anxiety happening with our dogs. And that feeling that comes over you when your dog is uneasy, it stays with you.”

To help owners identify and treat the warning signs of separation anxiety in their dogs, Petco is offering a new free virtual training seminar available through the end of September called “Well-Adjusted Dog: Preparing for Separation and Social Anxiety.”

This training seminar can help both new and old pet owners identify whether or not their dog has anxiety as well as how they can practice relaxation techniques to treat it.

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