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The Refuge for Cruel Trapping Act was recently released in the US legislature to prohibit the possession and use of body-gripping traps.

Body-gripping traps are cruel and inhumane. While also being a danger to wildlife, humans, and pets. The only exception to this bill would apply to wildlife management, where nonlethal options are not effective.

Cathy Liss, AWI President, said, “We thank Chairman Nadler and Representative Blumenauer for their commitment to ending the use of cruel traps in our country’s refuges. Body-gripping traps, such as strangling snares, Conibear traps, and steel-jaw leghold traps. Are inhumane and indiscriminate. Public lands belong to all of us, not just the select few who wish to trap. While Americans should be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces without fear of their pets or themselves stepping into a bone-crushing device.”

Trapping is a cruel and terrible way to hunt and catch wild animals. Furthermore, more often than not, it proves a risk to many more animals and even people.

“We’ve seen too many concerning examples of wild animals suffering and pets falling victim to body-gripping traps. It’s disgusting that such inhumane traps are so widely used, especially in places meant to be a refuge from animals and people alike”, said Representative Blumenauer.

The national public opinion poll showed that 79% of Americans believe trapping to be unnecessary and should be prohibited. 

The Refuge for Cruel Trapping Act would make sure that these lands would serve their intended purpose: to be a place of safety for wildlife to flourish, not be trapped.

There are still plenty of places where trapping is legal, unfortunately. So, we must continue to push that trapping is banned everywhere.

Sign this petition to urge Congress to pass the Refuge From Cruel Trapping Act and ban body-gripping traps from being used on public lands!

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