These 5-week old puppies were abandoned outside of a dog rescue shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia. Often, animals who are abandoned also require medical attention. However, rescuers discovered that they were in perfect health, and brought them back to the animal shelter to find them a loving foster home.

Source: the dodo/Youtube

The puppies needed around-the-clock attention and had to be bottle-fed every three hours. After arriving at the shelter, they began to flourish and show off their fun personalities. All seven puppies were adopted so quickly by seven different loving owners.

This rescue was all thanks to the rescuers at Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia. You can keep up with them on YouTube: and Instagram:

If you find abandoned or abused animals, report them to local authorities. If law enforcement officials do not respond, you can also contact PETA for the next steps.

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