Megan Sienkiewicz, a medical coordinator for Friends Forever Animal Rescue, was scrolling through a Facebook group for rehoming animals when she saw this heartbreaking photo of Clara. Clara was rescued from a life of starvation and neglect and looked like a skeleton. “A woman was literally begging for a new home for a dog and I saw a picture of a very emaciated, wet dog,” Sienkiewicz said.

“I was looking for the house and I saw a woman in a camp chair holding a dog and it didn’t even look like a dog,” Sienkiewicz said. Sienkiewicz noticed that Clara was whimpering and had trouble walking properly on her own. The poor girl was flat-footed and had sores all over from being stuck in a crate in her previous abusive home. After her health evaluation, she finally arrived at her new loving foster home.

“As much as she prepared me and I saw a picture, actually seeing Clara in-person was very shocking,” animal foster parent Kelly Reilley said.

Just days after arriving at her foster home, Clara was already walking around on her own, and opening up to her new mom. Clara is still on her road to recovery but this rescue transformation was all made possible thanks to the amazing care from Clara’s foster home.

“We want to thank everyone who has been so invested in Clara. We want to announce that the persons responsible for negligence and cruelty that led to Clara’s horrific condition have been arrested and charged with torturing/injuring and not Feeding an animal. We feel in some way that justice has been served even if our laws for animal rights are incredibly lenient. The real victory is how Clara has fought her way into a new chapter in life,” said Friends Forever Animal Rescue in a Facebook post.

You can check out the Friends Forever Animal Rescue Facebook page to donate and get updates on Clara at Justice for Clara!

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