An Arizona rescue dog has gone viral for his hilarious screams. Pitbull Mo has become something of an ambassador thanks to this voice. On Instagram as “Mo the Screaming Staffy,” he’s gotten over 125,00 thousand followers!

This rescue has something to say! Kristin Allen rescued Mo, an American Staffordshire Terrier after she found him on the side of the road. “I found Mo on a Saturday around 10:30 at night. When I stopped the car and got out, I was able to confirm that he was all alone. Called out to him, and he calmly walked towards me, wagging his tail the whole time.” After spending time at the veterinarian and waiting for owners to claim him, Allen visited Mo.

That’s when he first started “screaming.” “He looked across the room through a glass window they had, he saw a dog on the other side, and that’s when he screamed for the first time,” said Allen.

Source: Humans being good to animals/Youtube

And now, Mo’s screams are just part of their daily lives. Allen said,  “I try the best I can to control it, to the extent that I can, but it has come down to — we’ve talked to many trainers, and its really not something that I have been able to correct or get him to quit. Quite frankly, I don’t know that we want him to quit because it is — it’s who he is.”

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