It was supposed to be Boo Boo’s last day. She was a 13-year-old Dachshund, and she had a tumor attached to her belly so big that it was dragging on the ground. She could barely walk. Her people – who would let it get to this point? – brought her to San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control to be euthanized.

Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue/Youtube


The shelter saw that tumor, but they also saw that she was still enjoying life. It was definitely not her time to die. But they had a dilemma: a senior dog with a serious medical condition had no chance of being adopted. What should they do? They called Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Source: Jen Coudran

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue was founded to rescue dogs like Boo Boo, senior dogs facing euthanasia with nowhere else to turn. Muttville took her in. Muttville’s veterinarian examined her and determined that not only could the tumor be removed, but, she was an otherwise healthy senior dog. She went to a wonderful foster home, and her foster mom wrapped up her belly so Boo Boo could walk while she waited for surgery. She was such a happy dog! She greeted everybody she met with tail wagging and loved to parade around on the street sniffing everything along the way.

The day of the operation came. Success! Turned out that that tumor was 20% of her body weight! What a burden to be dragging along!


It was an incredible change. Boo Boo looked like a brand new puppy and acted like it, too!

Meanwhile, Ashley was checking out Muttville’s website. She had come from a Dachshund family – both her grandmother and her father had one. When she spotted Boo Boo on Muttville’s site, she was smitten. Ashley’s heart is huge, and she thought she could give Boo Boo a good life in her golden years. The deal was sealed in October 2020 and Ashley took Boo Boo home.


“Boo Boo loves walks and is friendly to everyone she comes,” says Ashley. “She is the perfect work from home companion.” And what energy! It seems like she’s the most mobile she has been in years, and she can’t get enough of running around and enjoying life and the love of her new forever mom.



If you’d like to help more animals like Boo Boo, you can donate to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue here.

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All Image Credit: Mutville Senior Dog Rescue