A Michigan dog has gotten a new shot at life after chewing off her own leg to escape her neglectful and abusive living situation. Bella, the pit bull mix, recently went on a 4-day road trip to reach her new shelter home in Utah.

In 2021, Bella was found by a mailman in a backyard, tethered and abandoned with no food, water, or shelter. In her desperation to escape, Bella had chewed off one of her back legs. Animal services were called and came to free the pit bull mix, finding her to still be loving and trusting despite her horrible situation.

Bonnie Kanicki, the director of Saginaw County Animal Care and Control, said, “This poor girl had to chew off her leg, but her personality is still so loving, even though can in here starving, abandoned, and neglected.”

The Michigan dog was rescued and taken to get medical care, she required two operations and was able to quickly adapt to life on three legs

It was obvious that Bella had a traumatizing life and because of that, experienced behavioral issues that kept her from being eligible for adoption. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah offered to take Bella in to be specially worked with by a trauma trainer.

That is why Bella, with a few rescuers, made the trip to Utah, where she can get the training that she needs to emotionally recover and become her best self.

At the sanctuary, Bella will be specially trained and worked with, with the ultimate goal being that she can be adopted in the future!

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