A while back, we were happy to report that over 40 animals were saved from terrible conditions at Gaza Zoo. The rescue operation was done by Four Paws Organization and the conditions at the zoo worsened over the years as a result of human conflict and its location in a war zone. Now, meet Dr. Amir Khalil, the veterinarian responsible for the emergency unit at Four Paws.

Dr. Khalil and his team take animals out of dangerous war zones and bring them to safe places. Because they usually save animals from zoos, these animals are usually touching grass and feeling fresh air for the first time when they arrive at the sanctuary. Not only do these animals come with the trauma of being held captive, but they have the “mental disturbance” as Dr. Khalil says, of living in a terrifying war zone. After being saved by Four Paws, the animals no longer have to live in fear of missiles, bombs, and loud noises.

As he explains in the video, he is no ordinary doctor. To save animals, Dr. Khalil has to be a politician, leader, soldier, and more. It’s bad enough that wild animals are forced into captivity by humans, but it’s terrible that human conflict also affects them so negatively. However, an amazing point the vet makes is that “animals can build bridges between nations.” Watch the full video for yourself to see the amazing work that Dr. Khalil and his team do!

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