In early 1900 nearly 120 years ago, a small dog’s horrific death caused utter turmoil to unfold in Britain. To date, it is still one of the biggest controversies recorded and created the most outrage.

This little-known piece of history is called the Brown Dog Affair and involves a stray terrier and how it died.

The story started with public vivisection being done in early 1900 on a small stray dog by a renowned physiologist. The dog had previously been experimented on, and those involved believed that it had not been properly anesthetized.

Several animal-loving societies got together and got the story into print. Sparking outrage all over the country.

A case of animal cruelty was brought against those involved but was ultimately dismissed, leading to more outrage. This outrage led to a statue being erected in the dog’s honor.

After repeated attacks on the statue by medical students, the statue was eventually stolen in the night and never seen again.

There is now a campaign starting up to get a new statue erected in honor of the dog. A 3D likeness has been created of the original statue based on an old photograph. And the campaign intends on putting the statue where the original once stood.

This is a powerful story that shows how far back animal cruelty goes as well as how long people have been trying to fight it.

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