Meet Siggi, the rat terrier that was born with her paws backward as a result of congenital elbow luxation.

Siggi is a rescue dog that was brought into the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine with her paws looking much like an optical illusion. Her paws pointed upward instead of down, which resulted in her having to do an awkward army crawl to get around.


Erik Clary, DVM, Ph.D., DACVS, and small animal surgeon at OSU’s VTH, said, “It definitely is an issue with respect to their quality of life. They can’t get around well, and on top of that, they’re prone to hurting the tops of their wrists because those aren’t designed for weight-bearing.”

The poor pup was put through a rather intensive surgery in order to get her paws right side down. After healing, she was sent to Dallas DogRRR for rehabilitation, before being placed with a medical foster parent.

Siggi has continued to make an amazing recovery and can now run and play as any puppy should. Clary said that there is still more rehabilitation to go but that Siggi’s story is a very positive one. It proves that animals with severe disabilities might still be able to live long, happy lives. The animal surgeons wanted to show that many animals can be helped and don’t require being put down, no matter how severe the abnormality may be.

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