Meet Faye, “The Explorer!” Faye is a turkey that was rescued when he was just a baby. Faye and his brother Farris were rescued from a feed store and weren’t doing well. Faye especially was very sick and they weren’t sure if he was going to make it. Thankfully, a rescuer from the farm showed up at the feed store in time to convince his previous owner to let both of them go to the Farm Sanctuary to receive the necessary treatment they needed.

Faye has recovered beautifully! He and his brother have been at the sanctuary ever since, and are now three years old! They are both very curious creatures and like to spend their time exploring the farm and picking around in the grass looking for different things to eat. Watch them thrive, and enjoy the wide open space of the sanctuary where they belong!


If you are interested, you can symbolically adopt Faye through the #AdoptATurkey Project, you’ll help provide his day-to-day care, protect other turkeys still in need, and raise awareness about the beautiful lives they lead when they’re allowed to live!”

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