Sadly, many people abandon their cats when they no longer want to care for them. James Bean, the cat was abandoned for being ‘too demanding’ and a man in London just left his cat, Marcus outside with all his toys simply because he didn’t want him anymore. Recently, a man in Taiwan didn’t want his cat anymore so he thought that his cat should go to a shelter. However, he endangered the cat’s life by cruelly packing him in a box and sending him to a shelter via express postal service.

You can imagine how shocked the staff at the animal shelter in New Taipei City were when they opened a package from a courier to find a Scottish Fold Cat inside. Through the delivery service and surveillance footage, The New Taipei City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office were able to identify the man who sent the cat. Mr. Yang says he could no longer care for the cat because he didn’t have enough time and “that the cat’s mobility problems, the result of an earlier leg injury, had not improved after numerous therapies, including acupuncture and moxibustion, a traditional herbal remedy.”


Scottish Fold Cat


The man was fined $60,000 TWD (approximately $1,944 in USD) for violating the Taiwan Animal Protection Act. He was then fined another $30,000 TWD (approximately $972 in USD) for not having the cat vaccinated for rabies which is a violation of the Statute for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases.

A cat, or any other living being, should never be trapped in such a small space without ventilation, food, or water. We don’t know what the man was thinking, but if someone can no longer take care of their pet, they should take them personally to an animal shelter. No one wants to see a pet being given up or abandoned, but leaving them in good hands is obviously less cruel than endangering their life.

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Lead Image Source: Sonsedka Yuliia/Shutterstock