The wonderful team at Hope for Paws always seems to figure out a way to help animals in the most difficult circumstances – and here’s further proof! After receiving a call from a woman who heard the cries of a kitten trapped in the sewer near a busy intersection, Eldad and Loreta headed there right away.

To make sure the kitten wouldn’t be scared of the gentle snare, Eldad thought of the genius idea of coating it in oil from a tuna can – and it worked! With a little patience and skilled maneuvering, Eldad secured the kitten with the snare, allowing Loreta to gently lift her from the sewer.

After a warm bath and cuddles, Molly the kitten was ready to play! Eldad and Loreta paired her with a ridiculously cute puppy named Yoda, and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s easily the most adorable thing EVER! After Molly was safe, clean, and happy, she found her forever home!

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