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Another hero has emerged for stranded animals in Ukraine. A Ukrainian man ventured through the crossfire in the country to save stranded kangaroos from a zoo and drove the marsupials to safety.

The Feldman Ecopark has been attempting to evacuate all of its animals since the Russian invasion, and last week, they had help saving their kangaroos. According to their Facebook post, the kangaroo’s enclosures were repeatedly shelled, and they needed to get the animals out of there. They also confirmed that the kangaroos made it to safety.

The post featured a video of the driver speaking and pointing toward the kangaroos in the back of the van. The Ukrainian foreign minister even shared the video on Twitter.

The Ecopark is home to 5,000 animals of more than 300 species. The zoo shared a heartbreaking photo that detailed how hard the zoo was hit by the Russian shellings. There have been weeks of continuous strikes, and Ecopark has been working hard to get these animals out of the danger zones, even if that means in temporary enclosures in a safer location.

The invasion has been devasting for the Ecopark in more ways than one. Some people have been killed by shelling while trying to feed animals. It is hard for employees to get to the animals to feed them, and with food supplies short anyways, they fear the animals going hungry.

The Facebook page has also been updating its followers about some of the animal casualties they have suffered. Nine noble deer, at least two orangutans, a chimpanzee, four fallow deer, and three welch goats, amongst others.

There have been many successful rescues from the park on the bright side. Another posted video shows the same man who saved the kangaroos with a van full of turtles and monkeys.

There have been countless rescues from the park, and so many brave people are risking their lives to ensure these animals are saved. The Ecopark thanked their volunteers and employees, and everyone who has donated to their zoo.

“Your support truly saves lives!” they wrote. To donate to Ecopark and these incredible rescue missions, you can find the details on their website. Also, check out 10 ways you can help people and animals in Ukraine and sign this petition to support Ukraine.

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