Iranian pet owners are outraged as Iran is proposing a law that would ban all kinds of pets, including cats and dogs.

The law is proposed under the belief in Islamic tradition that pets are unclean. As a result, the law indicates that it is not right for people to live under the same roof as animals and that all animals are potentially dangerous. The bill also implies that pets are replacing human and family relationships, as well as discouraging couples from having actual children.

The law states that it would be illegal to “import, raise, assist in the breeding of, breeding, buying or selling, transporting, driving or walking, and keeping in the home wild, exotic, harmful and dangerous animals.”

If broken, the law would enforce a fine as well as the confiscation of the said pet. The proposed law has sparked an outcry across Iran as people fear for their rights and their pets’ safety.

While banning the ownership of exotic pets is important for the safety of humans and animals, dogs and cats are completely safe pets. They make wonderful additions to any family and it is cruel to tear apart those relationships.

As of right now, few Iranian politicians are willing to stand by the law as it is strongly contested by the public.

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