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Cruel video games are not a new thing. There was “Fat Chicken” in which players ran a cruel factory farm. Not to mention, there are plenty of violent and graphic video games. Recently, PlayStation released a trailer for a new video game called “Shanky: The Vegan’s Nightmare.”

As the name indicates, it promotes the exact opposite of what vegans stand for. Shanky is a meat grinder who walks around devouring local wild life, grinding their meat, and leaving trails of bloody, ground meat behind him everywhere he goes. He uses the mince to propel himself and his strength is measured by his “meat level.”

This video game desensitizes players to the horror of actually killing animals and using them for one’s own purposes. The character is discarding their bodies as if they are worthless. Children and teens are more likely to play these kind of video games than adults, and it sets a bad example to teach impressionable young minds that treating animals this way is acceptable.

Killing and hurting animals for entertainment is an outdated and cruel thing to do. A video game shouldn’t perpetuate these notions, especially when they directly influence younger generations and the way they think and perceive the world.

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