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Cats are creatures that can sometimes be hard to read, and if you want to know how to make your cat feel loved, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cats are not like dogs and will not usually bother you for attention all day or jump all over you. They tend to be solitary and don’t mind spending most of the day alone napping. Many cat owners might even worry that their cat isn’t happy or doesn’t feel loved. Don’t worry – that is where some of these tips come in. It can never hurt to go out of your way just a little bit to make your cat feel loved.

How to Make Your Cat Feel Loved Every Day

Most people who do not like cats just don’t like how hard they are to read. Cats can often seem expressionless and unaffectionate to people (even though they are really the opposite).

Show your cat a little love, and their personality will bloom and become more noticeable. Cats are usually as loving as you are to them, so try to care about their comfort more. If you are loving to them without being pushy, they will soon start to return that love in their own unique way.

Set Aside Snuggle Time

Even though some cats might seem put off by physical attention, many of them secretly like it. If you set aside a certain part of your day for cuddle time, I guarantee that eventually, you will start to see how much they like it.

Don’t force your cat to cuddle with you just give them the option by sitting in a familiar place with a fuzzy blanket. Cats are drawn to fuzzy and fluffy things and cannot resist a soft blanket to lay in. Over time, this will become a daily habit that they will remember and look forward to.

This is the perfect way of showing your cat that you love them without stepping over their boundaries. Cats don’t want to be pushed around, so giving them the option to spend time with you will make them much happier. Just remember, if your cat doesn’t seem to be into cuddling, don’t force it. 

Give Them a Cat Tree or a Window to Look Out of

Indoor cats tend to miss out on many different forms of entertainment. Spending your life inside all of the time can start to feel kind of dull, which is why many cats can become naughty or destructive.

One way to add intrigue to your cats day to day life is to set up an area next to a window where they can look out. If you have a screen on the window and can open it, that’s even better! Just make sure to keep watch so they don’t scratch open the screen and try to jump out. Cats love to sit and watch things, and a window can provide hours of happy entertainment.

You could also get your cat a cat tree or castle. This is an exciting toy for a cat and will give them something to scratch and claw to their heart’s content. This also gives them something to climb safely or to sleep on if they choose. There are all kinds of fun and interesting cat trees you can buy for your cat to keep them entertained.

Make Sure They Have a Cozy Place to Sleep

It is no secret that cats love to sleep. Most of their life is spent curled up sleeping somewhere. If you want to know how to make your cat feel loved, just put out some cozy items for them to sleep on.

Cats love soft and fluffy things, whether that be pillows, rugs, blankets, or cat beds. They love anything that imitates the feeling of their mother’s fur.

Try setting up a cozy area where they prefer to sleep or scatter cozy items throughout your house for them to choose from. This will give them the option of sleeping in a soft and comfy environment for as long as they choose to.

If your cat loves small spaces, try getting them a cat bed. A cat bed provides a wonderful amount of privacy and security. And can make your cat feel safe and cozy as they sleep the hours away.

Make Sure They Have Toys

Any cat, whether they are playful or not, can appreciate a toy. This can be a sock, a toilet paper roll, a fancy cat toy, or a cardboard box.

Cats are generally easy to please when it comes to toys and can have fun with just about anything. Papers and cardboard boxes are an especially favorite kind of toy for cats. They love that kind of stuff, and they can even tear it up if they choose to.

If your cat doesn’t normally like to play with cat toys. Try keeping old papers, tubes, and cardboard boxes for them. They might surprise you with just how excited they can get.

Avoid Making Loud Noises or Fast Movements

Cats are skittish creatures and tend to be on high alert at all times. They are easily startled by fast movements or loud noises. Try to avoid slamming doors, calling out, or moving quickly. This will help your cat to feel as though they can rest and relax. Eventually, that fight or flight instinct will become less on edge, and your cat can feel safer around you.

How to Make Your Cat Feel Loved Every Day: Extra Tips

Want to make your cat feel even more loved? Here are a few extra things that you can do:

  • Brush them out so that they don’t have so much grooming to do.
  • Give them warm blankets to lay on or a heating pad if they are cold.
  • Give them treats for being good.
  • Make toys out of cardboard, paper, and string to keep them entertained.
  • Give them ice cubes to play with and lick on a hot day.
  • Talk to them throughout the day.
  • Try to give them pets throughout the day to show that you care.

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