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Dogs are our best friends. They keep us happy, make sure we get out for a walk every day and give us the companionship we all need. However, despite all of these positives, dogs aren’t always the best for the environment. From the plastic bags used to pick up their droppings to the seemingly endless amount of toys required to keep them entertained, here are a few ways to tweak your shopping habits and lifestyle to keep the environment and your fluffy friend happy simultaneously. 

Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags 

Every time you take your dog for a walk, you probably end up using and tossing a plastic bag away. While picking up your dog’s waste is the responsible thing to do, using virgin plastic to do it isn’t. Try opting for recycled plastic dog waste bags instead. Alternatively, experiment with biodegradable dog waste bags made from plants instead of plastic. 

This small change will mean your dog isn’t filling up a landfill every time nature calls! 

Waste-Free Pet Food 

Locating a zero-waste store near you that sells dog food will help reduce your dog’s carbon pawprint. Alternatively, several dog food brands on the market package their goods in paper or cardboard instead of plastic. Just like we should always try to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, we should avoid buying food in plastic for our faithful companions. 

If you want to go the extra mile, talk to your vet about putting your dog on a vegan or vegetarian diet to reduce their impact on the environment. Just be mindful that this should only be done with the help of a professional. 

Toy Management 

There’s arguably no better feeling than watching your dog’s eyes light up when you present them with a shiny new toy. However, we’re confident your pup will feel equally satisfied with a second-hand or previously gnawed-on toy. 

You can search for second-hand toys on Facebook MarketPlace, eBay, and more. Chances are you’ll find a great toy that’s barely been used for a fraction of its original retail price. 

Invest in Quality Pieces 

Whether you’re buying a bed or a leash, investing in a high-quality piece is always the way to go. Dogs are not known for being delicate with their belongings. Things get torn up and chewed on the minute you set them down, so buying a piece you know will survive the wear and tear of a dog is essential. 

Make sure whatever you buy is easy to clean and doesn’t have any weak spots the dog can tear or bite through. It’s best to go for pieces made from synthetic materials as they’re less likely to fall apart or be destroyed. 

Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered 

We love dogs, but we don’t need more of them. Getting your dog spayed or neutered reduces their risk of developing certain diseases and helps them regulate their emotions better. It also ensures you don’t end up taking care of 6 dogs when you only wanted to be a pet-parent to one or two. 

Good Luck

Some of these changes may be easier than others to implement, but they all contribute to your (and your pet’s) journey to living a more eco-conscious life. You could start with trying to not buy new toys again, then work your way up to find a long-term sustainable food option or fantastic long-lasting furniture. 

Do your best, see what works for your dog, and good luck!

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