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For those of us who have the honor of living with a cat, when you think of the words “cat” and “bath,” you don’t get a pretty picture. Cats, at least stereotypically, don’t like baths and their sharp teeth and claws will gladly let you know their distaste. If you’re wondering why exactly cats loathe baths so much, the reason is simple: most breeds of domestic cats have evolved to have coats that absorb water rather than deflect. That means it’s harder for cats to dry off and that’s probably really uncomfortable!

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Usually, cats don’t need to have baths like how dogs do. Cats naturally groom themselves and take care of their own business. Most cat guardians only have to regularly brush their cats to keep their fur from becoming tangled. But cats are going to cat and there are certain times when a bath is in order, such as if your cat has made a mess in the litter box or in general, have gotten themselves in some sort of trouble.

For both you and your cat’s safety, there are a few very handy tips to keep in mind if you ever need to give your cat a bath! First, it’s important to take the time to prepare the bath and supplies before you even get your cat involved. You also don’t want your cat waiting around while you scramble to find supplies!

Here are the supplies you’ll want to have handy:

  • Cat shampoo
  • Rubber gloves
  • A large towel
  • A pitcher for rinsing
  • A washcloth

So you’ll have better handling of the cat, consider using your kitchen of bathroom sick instead of a bathtub. Here are the steps to make the bath stress-free!

  1. FIll the sick with a few inches of warm water. Test the water to make sure it’s not hot!
  2. Wet the cat from their shoulders to their tail and apply shampoo.
  3. Lather and rinse thoroughly.
  4. To wash their face, use a damp washcloth to gently rinse their head.
  5. Lift your cat into the large towel and wrap them up. Try to get as much water out of their fur as possible.

Visit your local pet store to find shampoo specifically formulated for cats because using shampoo designed for humans could sting the cat’s eyes and/or irritate their skin. If your cat clearly does not like taking a bath (they pull away, scratch, etc.) please don’t force them to take a bath. At your local pet store, there are cat wipes that can remove dirt and debris from your cat without stressing them out. It’s all about keeping our furry friends happy and healthy!

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Lead Image Source: Firmanamff/Pixabay