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Nature is beautiful and the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, but let’s face it, all of us get in an “indoorsy” mood every now and again. Humans are not the only ones that enjoy the comforts that modern indoors has to offer. We all know that particular pet that wants to be one with nature, but not all animal companions like spending time outside. In fact, there are some that just despise it.

Think about it, life is nice and comfortable while you are curled up on a warm sofa in the winter, or sprawled out in front of an icy cold air conditioner in the summer. We can’t say that we blame them either. These days with the crazy weather, pollution,  pollen running rampant, not to mention smog gagging us in the city and the mosquitoes biting us in the country – being outdoors can be exhausting! And sometimes we just plain feel like holing up indoors. The great indoors, is what we should start calling it. If we want to see nature we can just Google it, right?

House pets are no different. Actually, they are worse! They are little enablers! They lay their warm bodies right on top of us just when we were thinking of actually going for that hike. And we all know that you can’t disturb a house pet while they are sleeping on (and numbing) your legs. It’s like a rule or something. Something will happen to you if you do wake them, right?

We’ll just sit and think about that one and in the meantime, check out these house pets that were as prepared to go outside as we are when in our “indoorsy” moods. Meaning, NOT and NOT.

1. “If I keep my eyes closed, I can pretend I’m back in my warm bed!”

This little YouTube star, named Jacky the Chihuahua, was not prepared to meet Old Man Winter. Looks like Jacky’s plan is to close his eyes and wish the snow away!

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go

2. “I’m outside. I’m not happy about it. This is not my soft and cushy plush bed with the cute little black paw prints on it. I will make you pay.”

The soft grass looks like it is comfortable enough for some dogs, but not for this precious pooch. He wants to be back inside the house. Stat!

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go

3. “Fine, I’ll hang here outside until you let me back inside on my sunny window sill, but keep one eye opened tonight when you sleep.”

Cats are smart. Cats are really smart. So we suggest that if your cat does not like the great outdoors, don’t force the issue. Just do whatever Mittens says, trust us on this one.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go

4. “Outside is nice, they said. It will be fun, they said. We’ll give you blankie, they said!”

Let’s face it, even the bravest of pugs may not like being outside. Fluffy blanket and cushy outdoor couch, and all. It is a couch but let’s make one thing clear, it is NOT the same as the living room couch. Not by a long-shot.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go Outsidereddit

5. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you people. Nature is just not my thing.”

The sun in his eyes. The bird poop he just stepped in. The sounds of cars whizzing by. Oh, and the sprinklers going on! It’s enough to drive a Pomeranian batty. Life just looks better from a big king size bed for this pint size pup.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go Outsidebuzzfeed

6. “He’s loving this whole ‘outside’ thing, but clearly I’m not ready for sunshine of this magnitude.”

Classic case of an odd couple. They says opposites attract, and you can’t get anymore opposite than these two. This pair are clearly two different species, and one of them is obviously better equip for the outdoors than the other. My guess is that the kitten is not the happiest camper right about now.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go Outsidesheknows

7. “I know that I blend in with the snow … Hopefully the people don’t forget me out here!”

Camouflage is normally a good thing for animals, but in little Fluffy’s case, he is afraid that his humans might just overlook him! How could they? Look at that adorable face. No one could ever forget this cute fluff ball!

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go

8. “It does not matter that there is a waterfall behind me. Do I look like the type who goes cliff jumping?

This pampered pooch is too afraid to break a paw nail. So lounge quietly by the pool it is. However, I have a suspicion that Teddy would rather be resting at home in a cool house, or at least in the shade. With the fur and sun combo, I’m betting this is NOT a fun vacation for this pet.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go Outside


9. “I got this, I totes belong out here! I fit right in with the local, outdoor cats.”

This kitty seems to be enjoying his visit with Mother Nature. However, he seems to be sticking out like a sore thumb! Oh well, “A” for effort.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go Outsidetwomenandalittlefarm

10. “You humans are just wrong. You could have at least gotten me boots that fit!”

As soon as this canine companion hears the house door creak open, he is gone faster than you can say, “treats!”. Although this pooch looks highly miserable, he also looks incredibly adorable.

10 House Pets That Were NOT Prepared to Go

The world can be tough sometimes, we feel ya’. Stay cute.