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Here at OGP, farm animals are near and dear to our hearts, which is why World Day for Farmed Animals is one of our favorite days! While we like to celebrate farm animals everyday, seeing people across the world stand up and show their love and Support for these marginalized beings is certainly merits something special.

You see, farm animals are largely considered “commodities” and not afforded the due respect they deserve. Like cats and dogs, chickens, cows, pigs, and goats are highly intelligent, social, and emotional beings. Cows have best friends, goats love to play, and pigs know their names when called. Yet – because of their value in the animal agriculture industry – humans don’t think of farmed animals as individuals, but rather, as “food.”

Ninety-nine percent of farm animals in the United States will be raised in factory farms. That equals out to billions of animals that spend their entire lives confined in small cages and stalls, crammed in with thousands of other animals – all of whom are stressed, frustrated, and scared. These animals are fed a diet of corn and soy, with the occasional addition of hormones and antibiotics, designed to make them reach market weight more quickly. Most factory farm animals do not live past the age of four, and quite frankly, given the conditions they are forced to exist in, these four years are nothing short of torture.

No matter how you look at it, the world of animal agriculture is riddled with cruelty and sad endings. However, although many animals are condemned to this sad fate, there are a number of animals who have been rescued from life in these conditions thanks to the help of countless kind humans. We love highlighting the positive stories that showcase farm animals who have been given the chance to live life on their terms, without the burden of providing profit for humans.

In honor of this special day, here is a collection of our all-time favorite rescued farm animal stories. We hope you enjoy them, and if you get a chance go hug a farm animals today!

1. Granny the Former Breeding Cow

Serving as a breeding cow in the meat industry, Granny the cow was never allowed to keep any of her babies. Granny was rarely allowed to keep her babies for six months; the majority of them were taken from her soon after birth. Cows are highly emotional animals and the experience of losing a child is incredibly traumatic for a mother cow. Granny served 15 years, breeding calf after calf, forced to endure the pain of losing them forever over and over again.

However, once Granny reached her 15th year, the farmer who owned her wanted to allow her to live out her “twilight” years in comfort rather than being sold into a meat auction. Granny was sent to live at Signal Hill Sanctuary in Australia, and soon after it was discovered she was pregnant! Finally, Granny got the chance to be a mother and raise her calf.

Click here to read Granny’s full story.

Rescued Farm AnimalsEx-Breeding Cow Gives Birth to the Very First Calf She Will Keep Forever

2. Amelia the Pig

Amelia the pig is affectionately known as “The Worst Pig in the World,” by her loving caretakers at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Little Amelia was rescued from an animal abuser who was notorious for hoarding animals when she was only a piglet. Due to her young age, Amelia did not bare the memory of the early abuse she suffered, but rather grew into a spunky, loving pig in the care of her rescuers.

Amelia is the definition of an individual. Like most pigs, she is incredibly intelligent and curious, and has been entitled a “drama queen.” Yet, she is one of the most adored animals at the sanctuary and comes sprinting for hugs and pets when her caretakers call her name.

You can read all about Amelia “The Worst Pig in the World,” here.

Rescued Farm AnimalsMeet Amelia, the ‘Worst Pig in the World,’ Now Living Free in a Sanctuary!

3. Albie the Goat

The story of Albie the goat is unique to say the very least. This little goat was discovered wandering around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Albie had escaped from a local butcher, and luckily was taken in by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. When he arrived at the sanctuary he was severely underweight and suffered from an extreme infection in his leg.

After treatment and numerous surgeries, it was decided that little Albie’s front hoof would have to be amputated. Albie was fitted with a prosthetic leg, however, no matter how hard they tried the prosthetic just would not stay on. So, it was decided that Albie would get a set of his very own wheels. Now Albie has a custom wheelchair that allows him to navigate the sanctuary with amazing ease and speed.

Read more about Albie, here.

Rescued Farm AnimalsAlbie the Rescue Goat Lost his Leg, But Now Has a new set of Wheels!

4. Frostie the Snow Goat

Frostie the snow goat rolled into our hearts thanks to the kind folks at Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary. This little kid was discovered abandoned, suffering from severe dehydration and infested with lice. It was soon discovered Frostie was suffering from joint navel ill, an illness that is transmitted via the umbilical cord soon after birth. It is possible that Frostie’s former caretakers recognized the infection and abandoned the poor kid, knowing he wouldn’t be a well goat.

The infection effected Frostie’s ability to walk, but his loving caretakers at Edgar’s Mission worked as hard as they possibly could to ensure Frostie’s comfort and recovery. Overtime Frostie was able to graduate from his wheelchair and started to walk on his own a bit. Sadly, however, Frostie passed away a short time after from an abscess in his spinal column. He touched the hearts of so many people and exists in our hearts as a reminder to always be kind to animals.

To read more about Frostie, click here.

Rescued Farm AnimalsRescued Baby Goat Frostie Learns to Move Around With His New Wheels!

5. Mr. G and Jellybean

Farm animals teach us over and over again that friendship knows no bounds of species. Just like cats and dogs, farm animals develop dynamic, caring relationships with people and other animals. Mr.G the goat and Jellybean the burro are certainly proof of that!

This duo were rescued from the same abusive situation. Mr. G was brought to Animal Place Sanctuary, and Jellybean was sent to a different home. Mr. G was so depressed after being separated from Jellybean that Animal Place had no choice but to bring Jellybean back to the sanctuary. The reunion between the two is nothing short of magical, check it out in the video below.

To read more about this pair, click here.


6. 24 Rescued Turkeys

When 24 sick poults were left on the doorstep of Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen farm, the future did not look so bright for the little turkeys. They all exhibited symptoms of upper respiratory infections and their feathers were tattered and falling off. The baby turkeys were left anonymously, but their symptoms indicate they came from a factory farm environment.

Luckily, these turkeys fell into the right hands and were soon treated for their illness and on the mend. With the proper care and lots of the love, these poults were given the chance to live they could have never hoped for in a factory farm. Check out this heartwarming video of the poults very first steps outside.

7. 4 Baby Ducks

While you may not consider ducks as farm animals, the truth is many ducks fall prey to the foie gras industry every day. The four ducklings featured in this story were rescued by an investigator from Mercy for Animals. The investigator was working undercover in the nation’s largest foie gras factory and documented numerous counts of animal abuse.

Posed as a worker, the investigator was given four ducklings as a “gift” for her mother. These ducklings were small and “veiny,” consequently they were invaluable to the factory. Realizing the rarity of this opportunity, the investigator took the ducklings and brought them to Farm Sanctuary where they could live out their days in peace. The ducklings have since grown up and become thriving, wonderful ducks.

If this video doesn’t lift your spirits, we don’t know what will!