The UK is a nation of animal lovers, but you wouldn’t know it reading the Home Office’s latest stats on animals used in laboratories last year. Out today, it reveals a tragic picture of animal suffering that will break your heart.

Here are five facts that will make you barking mad for animals:

1. Animal Tests for Household Products Up a Staggering 2167 Percent

Despite a so-called ban on animal testing for household products in the UK, last year saw a whopping increase of 2167 percent in cruel experiments on animals for ingredients that go into the everyday products we use to clean our homes.

2. Experiments on Dogs Up Six Percent

They’re the UK’s most popular animal companion, with 24 percent of us sharing our homes with a pooch. Loyal and loving, they look to us for protection and security. No one wants to think of dogs suffering in laboratories, but sadly many did in almost 5,000 experiments last year.

3. 35 Percent of Animals Suffered ‘Moderate’ or ‘Severe’ Pain in Experiments

It’s macabre, but experiments are categorized by the amount of suffering the poor animals experience. We don’t want any animals wasting away in laboratories, but reducing their suffering would be a step in the right direction. Sadly, the UK has taken a step backward, inflicting “moderate” or “severe” pain on five percent more animals last year.

4. Over 40,000 Small Furries Live – and Die – in Laboratories

Who doesn’t love rabbits and guinea pigs, especially if you’ve ever had the pleasure of giving a home to a small furry? Cute, fun and full of trouble, they should be pampered at home or living free and wild, not forced to live in pain in a laboratory. It’s another thumbs-down for the UK with a shocking 20 percent rise in the number of guinea pigs used in experiments, and a nine percent increase in rabbits.

5. Horses Suffer in Almost 9,000 Experiments

Gentle and majestic, horses belong in fields and meadows, safe from harm and free to roam. Over thousands of years, horses and humans have shared a unique bond. No horse deserves to be repeatedly forced to suffer for research.

You Can Help

In total, 3.9 million experiments were completed on animals in the UK in 2016. That’s a tiny drop on the previous year. The UK has a long way to go before research reflects our nation’s unswerving love of animals.

You can help animals in laboratories by making your world cruelty free with these easy steps:

• Switch your beauty & cleaning products for Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free alternatives. Visit the Cruelty Free International website at for info.

• Sign up for Cruelty Free International emails. With easy actions, you can take to make a big difference for animals

• Make a life-saving donation now

• Join a community of compassionate animal lovers on Facebook

Lead Image Source: Lucija T./Wikimedia Commons