Citizens from across Europe have come together to demand the end of the shark fin trade in the European Union once and for all.

Every year 63 to 273 million sharks are killed for their fins, creating a huge danger of extinction among many species. Not only is this an incredibly cruel practice, but it is also incredibly wasteful.

The fin is often the only part of the shark that is harvested and used, leaving the rest of the shark to rot away in the ocean. Many sharks even have their fins cut off as they are still alive, and then are dropped back into the ocean to suffer a long and painful death.

The ‘Stop Finning — Stop the Trade’ European Citizens’ Initiative began on February the 1st of 2020 and ends on January 31st of 2022. The goal is to get one million votes and there are only a few weeks left to reach it.

The initiative calls to “end the trade of fins in the EU including the import, export, and transit of fins other than if naturally attached to the animal’s body”. It would seek greater punishment for those involved in the shark fin trade as well as more regulation.

This is not only an ethical issue but also an endangered species one, as many shark species are threatened as a result of overfishing, habitat loss, and poaching.

If you are in the EU and want to help with this initiative, you can sign up here.

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