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It’s horrible to hear about animal abuse cases or read the ways humans are endangering many species. Fortunately, there are things we can do to speak for them. One of the ways we can help and lend our voices to good causes is by signing petitions. Such petitions are sent to people in powerful positions that can make a change, especially when they see just how many people stand behind the cause. We can demand change, justice, and stop tragedies by speaking up and doing our part.

There are horrifying things happening around the world every week like extinction, hunting, exploitation, and cruelty. If you are looking for a way to help animals, here are 10 petitions you should sign this week, including banning the import of wild animals as trophies, ending bobcat hunts, and protecting migratory birds.

We want to thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world and giving a voice to the voiceless.

1. Ban the Import of all Wild Animal Trophies!

Photo of trophy hunter standing over dead lions

Source: Ban The Import Of All Wild Animal Trophies!

According to the Humane Society, “American trophy hunters pay big money to kill animals overseas and import over 126,000 wildlife trophies per year on average,” and “between 2005 and 2014, about 1,260,000 wildlife trophies were imported into the USA, according to the same source.” More than 1,200 species are impacted, including some that are slipping towards extinction: elephants, rhinos, and lions. Sign this petition asking the United States to ban the import of all wild animal “trophies.”

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2. Police Officer Caught on Video Kicking his K9 Partner

Video footage of officer kicking k9 partner

Source: Watch this Cop Kick His Own Dog…..Unfortunately, He’s Still on the Force.

On December 30, 2019 a police officer and his K9 were called to help assist other officers in apprehending a suspect accused of stealing a car. After the suspect was arrested, the officer pulls the K9’s leash very hard and proceeds to kick him. All this was caught on video and people are enraged that the officer is still on the force. If you want to make sure the investigations are thorough and the officer face consequences, sign this petition!

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3. End the Slaughter of Pregnant Whales in Norway

Slaughtered whales

Source: Stop Slaughtering Pregnant Whales

Norway has been massacring hundreds of pregnant whales. In 2018, they self-appointed 28% increase in their quota and 1278 minke whales were cruelly slaughtered by Norwegian seamen in 2019. About 90% of minke whales hunted and killed by Norwegian whaling vessels are females and the majority of those are pregnant. Sign this petition to demand that Norway’s legislative body ban this cruel practice.

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4. Reinstate Full Protection for Birds Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA)

Beautiful bird

Source: With a Simple Change to Policy, Trump Doomed Millions of Birds to Die

Under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) of 1918, businesses and other entities could be subject to a whopping $15,000 per bird killed in the course of construction, operation, or in an accident. But Trump has decided that this law, which had been in place for more than 100 years, needed to be so tweaked that it no longer has any bite. Now, as long as an organization “didn’t intend” to kill the birds, they can no longer be held liable by the federal government. Under Trump’s amended MBTA, a developer could bulldoze an acre of trees knowing that birds were currently nesting there. As long as killing the birds wasn’t its motive for doing so, the developer could get away scot free. Sign this petition to demand that the Trump administration reinstate protections for migratory birds.

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5. Increase Protections for Gorillas and Rangers at Virunga National Park

Gorillas with caretakers at Virunga National Park

Source: This Brilliant Gorilla “Selfie” Highlights a Darker Story

Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest and most biologically diverse protected area. Virunga’s Senkwekwe Center is home to critically endangered mountain gorillas. The orphaned gorillas have been in the care of the park rangers at Virunga since they were babies. Not long ago, a photo of two rangers and two female gorillas went viral but what’s unseen in the photo is how much help and protection the gorillas and rangers at Virunga need. In the last few decades, more than 170 rangers at Virunga have been killed. The park was even shut down for eight months recently and just weeks after reopening a few months ago, a ranger was killed.  Sign the petition which asks donors and partners of Virunga, such as the European Union and Congolese Wildlife Service to “reevaluate their safety measures and increase protections for the guards and animals of Virunga National Park.”

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6. Ban People from Owning Big Cats as Pets

Big cat

Source: Big Cats Aren’t Pets — So Why Is Owning Them Still Legal?

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal re-introduced the Big Cat Public Safety Act S.2561. If passed, the bill would close loopholes that allow people to breed and keep tigers, cougars and other big cats as pets, as well as restrict the public’s contact with the animals. Thousands of big cats are kept in roadside zoos or as pets where they do not belong. It’s dangerous for everyone around and could never replicate their natural habitat. There are sadly even more tigers in captivity in the United States than in the wild. Sign this petition to push lawmakers to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

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7. Close Down Dolphinarium Where Baby Dolphin Died After Being Forced to Perform at Just Nine Days Old

Baby dolphin with mother

Source: This Dolphin Was Only 9 Days Old When It Died in a Dolphin Show Performance

During a live performance at the dolphinarium in the city of Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the dolphins suddenly stopped performing. A spectator told BBC there was a disturbance — the performance was cut short and visitors were asked to leave. Another distressed spectator said they could see the dead body of the baby dolphin from the park’s cafe. Four Paws‘ Yavor Gechev pointed out to BBC that five dolphins and a seal have died at the park in the last five years. Sign this petition asking Varna officials to close the park and send the animals to sanctuaries.

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8. End Bobcat Hunt in Illinois

Dead bobcats

Source: Stop This Heartless Bobcat Hunt!

The total bobcat population in Illinois is only around 5000 and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) allows for 10 percent of that population to be killed. Bobcats were recently on the threatened species list, and were protected for over 40 years. But now, the only limit set by the FWS is that only 1,000 animals be killed. That is far too many. Sign this petition to demand that the Illinois state legislature pass a law to protect bobcats from hunters, once and for all!

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9. Ban Fox Hunting in the UK


Source: Stop fox hunting in the UK once and for all!

Fox hunting is unfortunately very common in United Kingdom, and although hunting foxes with a pack of dogs is illegal, it’s also still happening. As this Care2 petition states: “Whether through so-called ‘trail’ hunting, abusing exemptions in the law or exploiting legal loopholes, thousands of animals are being killed across the UK every year with impunity.” This sentiment is supported by the West Kent Hunt Saboteurs who — after releasing the heartbreaking drone footage — said the Hunting Act is weak and allows too many loopholes for these brutal hunts. According to the RSPCA, fox hunting is not essential for controlling the fox population, so that argument on behalf of hunters is a myth. It’s also estimated that 400,000 foxes die each year in Britain – on roads, shot or through natural causes. The number would be so much less if fox hunting were finally banned. If you agree, sign this petition!

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10. End Animal Torture in Vietnam

Warning: the images below contain distressing content.

Cats sadly being tortured

Source: Stop torturing cats in Vietnam. Please Help Cats In Vietnam.

Thousands of cats are slaughtered for soups and so-called “health” tonics. They are killed in the cruelest ways imaginable, because many Vietnamese believe the insidious myth that the more an animal suffers, the tastier the meat and that the medical properties will be enhanced. Sadly, many of these individuals have the misconception that beating, skinning, blow-torching and boiling these helpless animals alive increases the tenderness of the meat. Despite there being animal welfare legislation in Vietnam, there is no law to punish animal cruelty. Sign this petition demanding a ban on animal cruelty and the consumption of dog and cat meat.

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